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personal training

Personal Training is the foundation of Intrepidus.  Our one on one sessions are designed and implemented with you and only you in mind.  Through a series of evaluations our coaches will not only help you hit your goals but smash them!  Visit our Contact page today to set up a free consultation!

Group classes

Intrepidus offers CrossFit and Barbell classes that include dynamic warm up and mobility, strength training, and conditioning.  Classes run four to five times daily.  Fundamentals for non-experienced athletes is required.  Visit our Contact page now to set up your free trial session or fundamentals program.


Fundamentals is a 4-week course introducing you to the core functional movements.  Intrepidus coaches will teach you how to move safely and efficiently while educating you on the benefits of each movement.  Visit our Contact page to schedule your free trial session and get started today.


If you're just too busy to make it into our gym or even if you don't live in Pittsburgh at all, Intrepidus coaches can help you meet your personal goals through our remote coaching program.  We can design a nutrition and work out plan that fits your schedule and can be followed at home or on the road depending on your own situation.  Contact us at to learn more about our remote coaching!